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Chairman and Chief Creative Director

Richard Moore Associates


Richard Moore has a 50+ year history of bringing innovation to the field of Branding and Marketing Communication. Since 1994, his firm - Richard Moore Associates has had a presence in Vietnam, where Richard is best known in the field of advertising for creating Vietnam’s first viral TV commercial, “Still running fine” for Electrolux. Richard has led his team in the development of iconic branding systems for numerous national enterprises including VietinBank, VietJetAir, Kangaroo, and many others.


Since 2015, Richard has been sharing in workshops what he learned from studying more than 70 different ideation methods. In 2019, he conducted a training course in Design Thinking with a small team of key managers within Kangaroo, which led to the introduction of an innovative line of “dong mem” freezers.


Now, Richard Moore Associates is launching a comprehensive “Integrated Brand Thinking” system, which includes their own fast-tracked client-collaborative Design Thinking method called QuikTrek® that develops differentiated product concepts and their brand communication plans.



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