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Director of All-Russian Decorative Art Museum

Head of IV contest - biennale "Designed and Made in Russia"


Elena Titova is the director of the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum that possesses the largest collection of Decorative, Applied, Folk Art and Design of XX-XXI centuries.

Among the key initiatives of the museum is the organization of the All-Russian Contest-Biennale "Designed and Made in Russia" which identifies and promotes talented authors to form the fund collection of Product Design.

To launch new projects Elena Titova established the Expert Council for Creative Industries at the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum and headed the Fashion and Design Committee under the Association "Business Center for Economic Development of the CIS”.

The All-Russian Decorative Art Museum is the only cultural institution that represents Creative Industries at the Expert Council for Sustainable Development of the Russian Environmental Operator. In 2024 the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum was included in the short-list of ХII The Art Newspaper Russia Award for contribution to Handmade Art in the age of artificial intelligence thanks to the efforts of Elena Titova.



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