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President of APSDA Asia-Pacific Space

Designers Association - Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers


Arc. Chris Yap Seng Chye is the Principal of Chris Yap Architect Firm. He is also the President of The Asia-Pacific Space Designers Association (APSDA) and Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers.


The Asia-Pacific Space Designers Association (APSDA) is a gathering of national level design associations from the Asia and Oceania region. The Association inspires to nurture a better understanding of the different Asia Pacific regional cultures and encourage the exchange of Interior Design information and knowledge between its members for the advancement of this field to benefit regional societies at large.

In 2015, it was agreed by the Protem Committee for APSDA to be renamed as the “Asia-Pacific Space Designers Association”, and theformal approval of APSDA’s registration was obtained on 23rd January 2017 from the Registry of Societies in Malaysia.

In the approval, 8 national Asia-Pacific Interior Design bodies were officially registered as Founder Full Members of APSDA. They are:

• Chinese Society of Interior Designers (Taiwan) (CSID)• Design Institute of Australia (DIA)• Himpunan Desainer Interior Indonesia (HDII)• Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID)• Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association (JCD)• Malaysian Insitute of Interior Designers (MIID)• Philippine Institute of Interior Designers (PIID)• Thailand Interior Designers Association (TIDA)

The recently formed Asia Pacific Space Designers Alliance (APSDA) aims to expand its member base from the current 20,540 members across eight member countries — Malaysia, China, Australia, Indonesia, India, Japan, the Philippines and Thailand. We want to rope in more national interior design bodies across the Asia-Pacific region to enlarge our membership. We are looking at Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and even the Middle East,” said Chris Yap, who is also the current president of the Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers (MIID).

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