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Design Manager
Creative Producer

Design Association Modus
Independent Producer, digital culture


Taina Laaksonen is a European Designer who specialises in cross-sectoral and transnational design collaborations. She holds degrees in Design (MA), Digital Culture (Msc), Business management (MBA) and Pedagogy, and is a MA Fellow of The Museum at FIT (New York State University). Mrs. Laaksonen’s international network in strategic design and cultural development includes cities, regional development bodies, Institutions, Non-Profits, Non Government Organizations, Universities, Corporate Bodies of Education, Training and Research Experts and Start-up Business Consortiums.

Within her professional role as a Senior Specialist in the subject of Creative Economy, Social Responsibility of the Enterprises and Digital Design, Mrs. Laaksonen serves as the Manager of European Project Development in the Design Association Modus of Pirkanmaa Region (Finland). Mrs. Laaksonen is entrusted with several Board Memberships; for example in the Finnish Designers’ Union Ornamo, and has served as the President of the Arts Council in Pirkanmaa, and as the Art Director of the Nordic Makers’ Film Festival. Her passion is sustainable design and advanced technologies.

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