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As the very first approach to this stand-alone building, a local mini-bamboo tree is applied along the two sides of the lobby to filter away the strong sunlight that is maintained throughout the daytime. The bamboo green is naturally peaceful and quite fundamental to the local living so that it easily creates engagement and a contrast effect against the hot and dusty street outside.

In addition, polished concrete is selected for flooring thanks to its rough surface and eyes-comforted grey tone. For some decades, the cement flooring has been used popularly in the country before being replaced by ceramic materials, thus such reapplication is one way back to the good memories and, together with the tropical green trees, accomplishing the background of local identity to enable a hidden connection with the building’s people which mostly the drivers and office staffs.

For balancing against the static effects brought by the grey floor and big domes, a number of irregular flowing structures are specifically designed for the lobby including oasis seating, ceiling, and tree pots. The master tone for all moving lines is natural wooden color from oak and rattan with a little bit of fading effect starting at the side-doors heading to the central reception. The winding stairs from pure copper were coated by our own process for insulation and oxygen-free but still retain the original color of copper to make it space’s spotlight.

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