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The teppanyaki restaurant IBUKI is located in Ho Chi Minh City.

I wondered if it would be possible to avoid the stylized "WA(Japanese Style)" design and use modern materials with “OKUYUKI(depth)” as a keyword to secretly put the Japanese spirit in the space. I made a new attempt at a Japanese way of expression using contemporary materials.

Traditionally in Japan, the depth has been expressed by superimposing planes rather than perspective in paintings and stage equipment. This idea is also adopted in this project. Overlaid with various materials. The depth was created by weaving the shadows generated by shining light into the material.

In particular, the meshes of various shapes, which are the main materials here, can softly partition the space and blur the outline of the object, creating a rich expression in the space. The innumerable lines that appear in the space look messy depending on how you look at them, but I thought that the simplicity of using the raw materials as they are without modification is also relevant to the Japanese spirit.Metal curtains, ORIGAMIi-like iron plates, multi-layered meshes and wooden boards, etc. are all used to express various depths by stacking flat materials. It is not a direct expression of "WA", but a secret expression. The innovative and refined space further enhances the sophisticated craftsmanship and cuisine offered at this restaurant.

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