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Inspired by the way of organizing the space of a traditional house, with patios, buffer space, louvre doors ... are "transformed", rotated, shifted to suit real life needs. The architectural form has the roof soaring up, taking in the light, as an expression of the owner's faith and also the wind-receiving tower for the house. The cover of the house - "soft cover", as a filter for the air inside and outside the house, creating this cover also enhances the interaction between the homeowner and the neighbor. The spaces in the house are the "storage room" for the "volatility" for future changes.The space in the house is designed as a smooth cushioning space by maximizing the hollow wooden floor, help naturally ventilate, enhance communication and meeting among family members.

The building has a limited investment cost, so the maximum reuse of available materials such as tiles, wooden purlins from the old house is considered. Combining with steel and traditional bamboo formwork ceiling concrete brings new architectural aesthetics such as the dialogue between tradition and modernity.

Architectural form of the house is a tipping point, a natural backdrop, bringing freshness to the whole landscape. Through this, the architecture is newly defined, not only meets functional and aesthetic requirements but also acts as a means for people to freely communicate with life.



As the very first approach to this stand-alone building, a local mini-bamboo tree is applied along the two sides of the lobby to filter away the strong sunlight that is maintained throughout the daytime. The bamboo green is naturally peaceful and quite fundamental to the local living so that it easily creates engagement and a contrast effect against the hot and dusty street outside.

In addition, polished concrete is selected for flooring thanks to its rough surface and eyes-comforted grey tone. For some decades, the cement flooring has been used popularly in the country before being replaced by ceramic materials, thus such reapplication is one way back to the good memories and, together with the tropical green trees, accomplishing the background of local identity to enable a hidden connection with the building’s people which mostly the drivers and office staffs.

For balancing against the static effects brought by the grey floor and big domes, a number of irregular flowing structures are specifically designed for the lobby including oasis seating, ceiling, and tree pots. The master tone for all moving lines is natural wooden color from oak and rattan with a little bit of fading effect starting at the side-doors heading to the central reception. The winding stairs from pure copper were coated by our own process for insulation and oxygen-free but still retain the original color of copper to make it space’s spotlight.




This is the office of a design and event organizer company, the specific characteristic in working hours is quite different from ordinary companies. Working hours scatter and depend on events and their preparation tasks. As a result, all staffs have to distribute time and energy over those irregular timelines, the unity between them is the key to succeed in their jobs.

The coziness for this project is a must. Designer creates a flow of living spaces just as a familiar house, from the front yard, retro windows, common area to the living room and hallways connect in-house functions. The kitchen and dining area is the soul of this office where the creative team could find most of their fantastic ideas.

Natural materials and warm lighting are the prerequisite factors that help this office meets the experiences of a home, and the rest of the success is belongs to the connection and intimate between "family members" in this company.



The interior space is delicately designed with a century-shaped ceiling system inspired by the brand logo, along with an impressive pulley system, all with neutral colors and yellow accents of the brand. shelf system to enhance the beauty of the products on display. An eye-catching and impressive view is that the position in the middle of the space is highlighted by a sharp block, balanced between the store, ribbed iron sheet material combined with a large logo at the sharp corner, strongly linked with the ceiling system. , creating an impressive check-in corner for 5theway. The 5theway space has achieved aesthetics and also enhances the beauty of the product, which is an important element in the interior design that street fashion brands are aiming for.



According to Vietnamese traditional solutions, we have a large porch in the Southeast, a large terrace overlooking, and thick stone walls to insulate the west of the building. The stone walls also contribute to making the harmonization with the surrounding landscape. The porch with a frame creates a vivid nature picture, a cover for the insulation porch.

From the top, the roof, the swimming pool, the courtyard with rectangular volumes harmonize with the shape of surrounding shrimp farms. At first, the house was designed with a green roof on the roof-top to insulate, however, the Architects decided to use the solution of retaining rainwater for living, replaced by the water circulation on the roof to cool. The rainwater is retained in large underground tanks for daily living, meanwhile expanding large lakes to take the advantage of the terrain to retain rainwater for irrigation. Thereby providing enough water source to recultivating the traditional mango garden in the dry months without rain.

The house is located on the hilltop with big rocks above. Under the only old traditional mango tree left in the garden, overlooking the distant mountain range. The 3.2m fully high and wide glass doors were used to minimize the footprint, as well as allow to completely open the large corners.  Helping the indoor-outdoor spaces harmonize together.



GEMA, an architecture and interior design company devised for CHICKITA, a flame-grilled chicken restaurant, a vibrant and playful facade coherent with the festive theme of the interior, thus establishing a lasting brand identity. The ground level opens onto the pavement through large inviting windows beckoning passers-by, especially at night when the warm glow of the lively dining room spills directly into the street. The frontage of the first floor is modulated by a series of shutters, each in a distinct hue, like the bars on a xylophone positioned on an ascending arc and creating a dynamic and memorable exterior.

Fusing traditional charm and current details, GEMA achieved a cozy and appealing space in a vibrant multicolor setting with bespoke furniture. The material palette uses wood with lively colored accents, such as strings and lighting fixtures to create an original atmosphere, inviting the customer to relax, linger, and order dessert! The lighting is judiciously coordinated to create at the same time a general cordial atmosphere and a more direct illumination of each table.



“Our core value is people. We have faith in our people, who are working hard, smart, creative, funny and even weird that we are proud to call DLSers.” - Mr. Luan, CEO & Co-founder of DLS Inc. DLS shared with us their desire to create an equal and open workspace that could express the culture and yielded a net profit in engaging their members. As a co-founder of a people-centric tech company, Luan thought of DLS as a family and prioritized the wellbeing of the entire company. Space needs to feel like home but still concentrates the energy and efforts to propel the brand into its next phase of development.

By conducting research, we solved DLS requests with the highlight of the organized functional areas which were evenly distributed in the office. The space with about 70% of open space, is able to accommodate a multitude of situations/tasks at any given moment. In detail, the central area was a combination of a trademark blue multi-purpose table with a small interlaced meeting room system, which allows both formal and informal meetings at the same time without any inconvenience. Moreover, the wall surface was exploited to graphic design with the block-designed entertainment area next to it, which definitely helped in inspiring and enhancing the positive energy for the employees at work.



Dream Station (space of achieving the business of dream)

Dream station in Hoang Dao Thuy is Soho office provides workspace, advertisements, and promotions to those who dream to enter Vietnam business. We had been made motivating for the name of ‘dream station’ and build up the concept for ‘modern classic’ the concept for DREAM STATION is inspired by the proportions of classical train station architectural elements, edited with a modern point of view and refined to express their essential forms and geometry. Modern classic interiors will provide an elegant business backdrop for the distinctly different business chance and business style.


Light. Open. Green. Professional. Comfortable. Inspiring. Our Dreamplex Ngo Quang Huy is located near the corner of Xuan Thuy and Thao Dien Street, and it is designed with your wellbeing in mind.

From sustainable architecture to thoughtful choices in materials, light, and temperature control, everything here is optimized for your comfort. And with 12 different working styles, Dreamplex Ngo Quang Huy offers more choice for any need, mood, and preference your team members may have every day.

Our Dreamplex Ngo Quang Huy is the first location that truly embodies our concept of a better/happier place to work. This full 5-story building focuses on private offices with a generous lounge, cafes and outdoor space. It was designed with natural air and light, greenery, and sustainable materials in mind.

In this space, members can have their own private, branded offices, from 4 people to an entire floor, while having access to all shared community spaces. An on-site cafe “Cloud 9” will cater with food and drinks throughout the day for members and their guests. This Dreamplex also is specifically open towards the community, so that it really feels like a welcoming part of Thao Dien.



Diamond island duplex penthouse, area 200m2, designed in Scandinavian style.



The Eastin Hotel Hanoi will be located in Hanoi, Vietnam with land measures of approximately 3,048 sq.m. At Eastin hotel, the architects at Baumschlager Eberle Asean dare to propose a brand new notion for the hotel and service apartments in the middle of the city center: ‘City-Resort-Hotel’.

The two main interior design elements, which is illustrated by the natural green space and the coziness of Northern culture, really embellish the interior atmosphere of the project:

First element: repeated melody of the natural images: pictures of ocean waves captured by the satellites are expressed in the artworks that are displayed at public spaces such as hotel lobbies, corridors, carpets…

Second Element: Local hand-made products such as rattan, bamboo… of the traditional villages: ingeniously produced with friendly material, all the products would make a warm harmonious overall that helps to make Eastin Hotel an impressive one in the standards of luxury Hotel and Service Apartment in Hanoi region.

Eastin Hotel Residences is known as a perfect stop for business or leisure trips. The Eastin Hotel and luxury Service Apartment chain would bring customers the best facilities and service, which earn the slogan of “value for all needs.”



English Town is an English listening and speaking center for everyone. Communication is a need and has been formed since people were in caves and forests. We borrow this element as the main idea for English Town. The classrooms are divided into nine small classrooms of nine caves, from which one can spread the teaching in larger spaces than forests. Each cave is used a different form, shape and detail. When leaving the cave, the interactive space will be a forest with roads, canopy, grass ... all expressed in stylized language, through materials, light shapes. Focusing on communication features, so speaking more than writing, tables and chairs are flexible, compact and easy to rotate.



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