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The standard of EXCELLENT DESIGN


VMARK VIETNAM DESIGN AWARD is a stamp of approval to create a trust and standard for the industry.

Our vision is to celebrate and promote outstanding design achievements across diverse industries and disciplines. We aim to recognize and honor the creative brilliance of designers who push the boundaries of innovation, aesthetics, and functionality. Our goal is to inspire and encourage a global community of designers to continue their pursuit of excellence, sustainability, and meaningful contributions to the world through design. We envision a future where exceptional design improves the quality of life, solves complex challenges, and shapes a more beautiful, functional, and sustainable world.


We support the local Creative Design Community on the way to redefine a NEW IMAGE of the NATION to the world, to enhance the creative design field in Vietnam, promote the design thinking process as well as change the perception of society about the effects/abilities of designers particularly and Vietnam creative design industry generally in order to against the national critical challenges.

It tends to build the dynamic and stable development of the economy, enhance the cultural and social life, environment and improve the quality of human life. 


VMARK is not just an award; it represents a new step in the world of design, opening doors for us to make a greater mark for our homeland on the world map.

VMARK is the most reputable name in Vietnam in the field of design, constantly proud of the special support from the prestigious International Jury, from the Professionals, the Individuals who have left a profound and outstanding mark in this field. It's not just an award; it's also the trust that the design community has placed in the VMARK Vietnam Design Award.

From 2019 to the present, VMARK has attracted strong interest and participation from over 5,000 design projects from design companies, architects, and influential figures in this field. The event has provided a platform for artistic souls to showcase limitless creativity and create unique projects. VMARK has established itself as the most reputable and top-tier award in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, progressively growing in importance in promoting creativity and innovation in the fields of design and global architectural integration.

VMARK Award has continually expanded and diversified its categories, exploring and celebrating creativity in various design areas, including interior design, architecture, product design, graphic design, fashion, and lifestyle. Step by step, we have developed, boundless and ceaselessly created, marking innovation.

VMARK - where passionate design hearts and visionary minds converge. VMARK Award is not just an organization but also a pioneering light illuminating the path forward for the design industry in Vietnam, acknowledged by the world

Welcome to the journey of seeking talents and outstanding designs, honoring creative talents in Vietnam and internationally. Established in 2018, the VMARK Vietnam Design Awards are the initiatives marks the first time Vietnam joins Global’s Creative Industries.

The year 2019 marked a significant milestone for VMARK, as it witnessed the inception of the Design Awards in Vietnam for the first time. From its early years, VMARK's primary goal has been to honor and provide a platform for creativity and talent in the field of interior design in Vietnam. Designers, architects, and individuals passionate about design had the opportunity to showcase their abilities, share their talents, and shape the future of the design industry.


Amplify the Voice of the Design Community in Vietnam.

Empower design talent and catalyse business innovation & economic transformation by design.

Encourage & Promote the Process of Changing Society's Perception of Innovative Design.

Design influences on industries to increase value-added for products and increase competitiveness in domestic and export markets sustainably.



President | VDAS Design Association
HCMC, Vietnam

Mr. Ho Tan Duong is a highly experienced designer and the founder of an Interior & Product design business with over 30 years of industry expertise. He established the ADS International Design Institute in collaboration with the British organization BTEC in Vietnam in 2010, providing training for an International Diploma Program.

Throughout his career, Mr. Duong has undertaken numerous successful design projects in Vietnam and has been actively involved in mentoring and guiding young designers to enhance their prospects in the field. His extensive knowledge of the market has earned him a place as a core member in various International Design Associations, and he frequently serves as a Guest and Judge in design events worldwide, representing the Vietnamese design community.

Moreover, Mr. Duong is the driving force behind the VDAS Design Association in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where he serves as the President. The association's mission is to foster connections and develop sustainable programs and projects for the Creative Design community in Vietnam, promoting global integration. Mr. Duong's ultimate goal is to nurture and advance the new generation of Vietnamese designers by focusing on education, awareness, and practical work experience. Together with the association, he aims to establish a strong global identity for the Vietnamese Design and Creative Community.


Vice President VDAS Design Association

​Founder & CEO VMARK Vietnam Design Week and Award

Ms. Danh Tran is a highly accomplished professional with over 20 years of management experience in the design industry. She holds the position of Vice President at VDAS Vietnam Design Association in Hochiminh City and is also the Founder & CEO of VMARK VIETNAM DESIGN AWARD, a significant event celebrated annually in VMARK VIETNAM DESIGN WEEK by VDAS Association.

Her vast knowledge in the creative industry, coupled with her exceptional leadership skills, has led to numerous collaborations and support from the global creative community. Through her diverse activities related to the design field, she has established connections with international business partners and multinational companies.

Ms. Danh Tran's international exposure includes participating in various training courses and conferences in different countries, enabling her to bring valuable insights and perspectives to her work. These collaborations with international organizations have contributed significantly to raising awareness for the Vietnamese Design Industry.

As a recognized keynote speaker, she has been invited to prestigious design conferences both in Vietnam and overseas, further promoting the field of design. Additionally, she actively contributes to nurturing the new generation of Vietnamese designers by hosting frequent design workshops.


The founders, team, and community of VMARK are not just designers; they all share a dedication towards innovating the future of the Creative Design industry in Vietnam. With a vision unrestricted by national borders but always aimed at the global stage, VMARK seeks to honor masterpieces, new initiatives, and set standards for excellence in the Creative Industry.

VMARK has been and is receiving special support from prestigious international Design Associations and Juries, renowned Educators, Designers, Architects, and passionate souls who have deeply influenced the celebration of outstanding design talents. Additionally, we take pride in being sponsored by the VDAS Design Association, a platform that consistently supports and contributes to the design industry in Vietnam.

VMARK is an ongoing effort to continuously celebrate outstanding projects and creative talents. Welcome to VMARK. Every contribution, every partnership towards the goal of honoring, spreading inspiration, and collectively building a CREATIVE COMMUNITY is highly appreciated.

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