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The International Jury Board 

Elevating Excellence

In our commitment to fostering innovation and excellence in the field of design in Vietnam, we proudly present the International Jury Board of VMARK Vietnam Design Award. This esteemed panel of industry leaders, educators, and renowned professionals from around the globe is instrumental in shaping the prestigious nature of this award.

Diverse Expertise

The International Jury Board comprises experts with diverse backgrounds in design, ranging from interior, architecture, product, graphic design to fashion and beyond. Their collective knowledge and experience ensure a comprehensive and unbiased evaluation of submissions.

Global Perspective

Recognizing that design transcends borders, our International Jury Board brings a global perspective to the evaluation process. This not only enriches the judging criteria but also reflects the award's commitment to acknowledging designs that resonate on an international level.

Prestigious Affiliations

Members of the jury are affiliated with prestigious international design associations, academic institutions, and industry-leading organizations. Their involvement underscores the significance of [Design Award] on the global design stage.

Commitment to Excellence

Each jury member is selected based on their proven track record of contributing to the advancement of design, their commitment to innovation, and their passion for recognizing and nurturing talent. Their dedication ensures that the [Design Award] maintains its status as a symbol of design excellence in Vietnam.

Impartial Evaluation

The International Jury Board is committed to conducting a fair and impartial evaluation of submissions, ensuring that the most deserving designs are recognized. Their collective discernment sets a high standard for excellence and innovation in the Vietnamese design landscape.

Collaboration with Local Expertise

While the International Jury Board brings an international perspective, we also acknowledge and collaborate with local design experts, creating a harmonious blend of global standards and local insights. This collaboration ensures that the award remains culturally relevant and contributes to the growth of the Vietnamese design community.

The International Jury Board of VMARK Vietnam Design Award is not just a panel; it's a testament to our dedication to raising the bar for design excellence in Vietnam. We invite designers, innovators, and visionaries to be part of this transformative journey and contribute to the elevation of Vietnamese design on the global stage.



Call for entry 2024

"VMARK Vietnam Design Award is to celebrate and promote outstanding design achievements across diverse industries and disciplines."

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