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When participating in the VMARK Vietnam Design Award, you will embark on an exciting journey and enjoy numerous special privileges related to your profession. 

Winning the distinction of the VMARK Vietnam Design Award is evidence that your project has outstanding design quality. This achievement not only brings honor during the VMARK AWARD GALA CEREMONY celebrated in the Vietnam Design Week but also marks the beginning of your collective journey with VMARK. The promotion of your successful brand will unfold throughout the following year as part of the VMARK Journey.

Global Recognition

VMARK honors your creativity and design talent. The awards are an opportunity for you to gain global recognition and build a reputation in the field of design.

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Build a Valuable Network

It helps you connect with colleagues and like-minded individuals from across the country and internationally. This is an excellent opportunity to build a valuable network within the industry.

Professional Affirmation

The awards enable you to be reviewed and evaluated by leading experts in the design industry. This ensures that your ideas and products meet the highest quality standards, affirming your distinctive position within the professional community.

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Carreer Development Opportunities

Participating in VMARK Awards helps you build a design career and create a distinctive mark in the industry. These awards also open up new opportunities and leave an impact in the field of design.

Similar to design awards worldwide, the VMARD Design Awards are committed to ensuring that every individual and business participating in the awards receives genuine value and deserved recognition for their outstanding contributions to creativity and design.

Join and experience these fantastic benefits to elevate your design career to new heights.

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Expressing personality before a prestigious Jury Panel

You will have the opportunity to present your projects before a Jury Panel consisting of top experts in your design field. This allows you to receive high-quality feedback and improve your design skills.



Your award-winning VMARK Award will mark a whole campaign of PR and marketing.



As an award winner, you can use the VMARK Award Label granted by the International Design Jury to communicate information about the success of your projects. The VMARK Award Label allows you to create a distinction compared to competing rivals and attract attention globally. This can be showcased on advertising materials, online promotional systems, tender documents, and company profiles.

For industries in product design that have won awards in categories such as "Smart Products" or "Innovative Product Design" the winners have the option to print the VMARK Award Label on product packaging.



Call for entry 2024

"VMARK Vietnam Design Award is to celebrate and promote outstanding design achievements across diverse industries and disciplines."

VMARK Award Submission




Early Bird    

30 May 2024​


01 Jun 2024 | 30 June 2024​

Deadline for Submission

30 June  2024

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