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Welcome to VMARK AWARD | GRAPHIC, MULTIMEDIA, BRANDING, VISUAL COMMUNICATION Category - the leading awards program recognizing outstanding creative achievement in Graphic, Multi-media, Brand, Digital Art and Communication Design.

Our mission is to celebrate the very best in design, from established industry leaders to up-and-coming talents, recognize brand excellence, effective advertising campaigns, creative design and messaging, strategy and innovation, impact, diverse categories, professionalism, industry trends, and global reach, all of which celebrate creativity and excellence in the branding and advertising industry on a global scale.

We believe that great design is more than just a pretty picture; it's about engaging and inspiring audiences, and driving positive change in the world. Our panel of judges is made up of experts in design, marketing and advertising, ensuring that each entry is evaluated fairly and objectively.


Enter today to gain recognition for your work and join a community of like-minded design professionals.

Entry Category


Innovative & Creative Concept

Projects should reflect creativity in problem-solving or meeting needs in a unique way.


Highly value the project's feasibility and practicality. The project must have a high degree of applicability, be environmentally suitable, and meet the client's objectives.

Love Ukraine

Green Design & Sustainability

The project design should emphasize sustainable development and reflect an environmental conservation ethos, as well as demonstrate an appreciation for the use of green and environmentally-friendly materials.

Cultural Identity

Preserve and enhance creativity while incorporating the local and regional cultural identity to create distinctiveness.

Levitating Books

Community & Copyright Protection

The project contributes to building and providing benefits to the community and society. Additionally, strict copyright protection is observed to ensure that the project does not infringe upon any intellectual property rights.

The Graphic Design Award is a prestigious platform that recognizes the most creative and impactful visual communication designs in the industry. Participating in a Graphic, Visual Communication Award provides designers, artists, and communicators with a platform to gain recognition, enhance their portfolio, and connect with the broader design and communication community. These awards also contribute to the evolution of visual communication by highlighting its potential to convey information, inspire, and engage audiences through the power of visuals and design.

Submit your entry now and let us showcase your talents to the world.


Call for entry

"VMARK Vietnam Design Award is to celebrate and promote outstanding design achievements across diverse industries and disciplines."



Early Bird    

30 May 2024​


01 Jun 2024

Deadline for Submission

30 June 2024

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