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Welcome to VMARK AWARD | FASHION DESIGN Category - the leading awards program recognizing outstanding creative achievement in Fashion Design.

Fashion Design Awards are prestigious competitions that celebrate and recognize outstanding talent and creativity within the fashion industry. These awards serve as a platform for emerging and established fashion designers to showcase their innovative designs, gain recognition, and often propel their careers to new heights. VMARK Fashion Award recognizes diverse contributions. This Award is not limited to designers but extend to acknowledge professionals and businesses involved in different facets of the fashion industry, including retail executives, fashion marketers, supply chain experts, and sustainable fashion advocates.

Enter today to gain recognition for your work and join a community of like-minded design professionals.

Entry Category



Innovative & Creative Concept

Projects should reflect creativity in problem-solving or meeting needs in a unique way.


Highly value the project's feasibility and practicality. The project must have a high degree of applicability, be environmentally suitable, and meet the client's objectives.

Too Cute

Green Design & Sustainability

The project design should emphasize sustainable development and reflect an environmental conservation ethos, as well as demonstrate an appreciation for the use of green and environmentally-friendly materials.

Cultural Identity

Preserve and enhance creativity while incorporating the local and regional cultural identity to create distinctiveness.

Fashion Collage
Fashion Collage

Community & Copyright Protection

The project contributes to building and providing benefits to the community and society. Additionally, strict copyright protection is observed to ensure that the project does not infringe upon any intellectual property rights.

Fashion Design Awards is not only a testament to a designer's skill and creativity but also an opportunity to make a mark in the competitive world of fashion.

Winning or even being a finalist in such competitions can help designers establish themselves as trendsetters and industry leaders.

Submit your entry now and let us showcase your talents to the world.


Call for entry 2024

"VMARK Vietnam Design Award is to celebrate and promote outstanding design achievements across diverse industries and disciplines."



Early Bird    

30 May 2024​​


01 Jun 2024 | 30 June 2024​

Deadline for Submission

30 June 2024

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