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VMARK Award 2024

VMARK Vietnam Design Award is the National Design Award system empowered by VDAS Design Association, HCMC | Vietnam to highlight the excellent qualifications of the best design, design innovation, and design concept through screening by the professional judging panel from international design associations in Interior Design | Architecture | Industrial Product Design | Graphic, Multimedia, Branding & Communication | Fashion Design.


As the symbol of winning the Innovation Design, VMARK Vietnam Design Awards is celebrating annually and honored in VMARK Vietnam Design Week – Award Gala Night to strengthen the national competitiveness and improve the quality of life.


VMARK Vietnam Design Award 2024

  1. Celebrating Creativity

VMARK honors limitless and unique creativity in the field of design. The VMARK awards are not just a recognition but also a platform for you to showcase your talent and create high-impact works and innovations that contribute to sustainable living.

2. Fair and Objective Evaluation

VMARK conducts a fair and objective evaluation process to ensure that every design project is assessed against high standards of creativity, aesthetics, sustainability, and practicality.

​3. Building an Exclusive Network and Connections

The VMARK awards are not only a mere accolade but also an exclusive platform for a community passionate about design. By participating in the awards, you can easily harmonize and connect with peers and leading experts in the industry.

4. Honoring Cultural Heritage

A priority is given to honoring the values and cultural traditions of Vietnam in the design fields. All design categories, which encompass diversity in various categories, should pay tribute to both modernity and traditional cultural identity, preserving our cultural heritage.

5. Exploring Potential and Career Development

The awards not only celebrate creativity but also help the community advance in their careers, exchange knowledge, gain experience, and open up new opportunities in the field of design, not only domestically but also on an international scale.

Leave your mark and participate in the Vietnam Vmark Design Awards to pioneer and excel in the creative design field.

 Winners' Benefits


VMARK would like to build a community of world-class designers in order to promote the design know-how and innovation in Vietnam.

The VMARK Vietnam Design Award aims to encourage the creative design field in Vietnam and promote the design thinking process as well as change the perception of society about the abilities of designers. It tends to build the dynamic and stable development of the economy, enhance cultural and social life, and improve the quality of human life.


  • To evaluate and reward the best-applied designs.

  • To seek and enlighten businesses and citizens about the importance and vitality of design in day-to-day life activities.

  • ​To offer designers a new and strong brand showing the quality of their work and be acknowledged by the professionals and experts of the field.

  • ​To select the best design that reflects creativity, passion and innovation. This Award extends beyond aesthetics and showcases a design on a humanitarian level.

  • To be a good example of innovation in design and to lead the model against the copycat / plagiarism cases.


Call for entry 2024

"VMARK Vietnam Design Award is to celebrate and promote outstanding design achievements across diverse industries and disciplines."

VMARK Award Submission





01 Jun 2024 | 30 July 2024​

Deadline for Submission

30 July  2024

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