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VMARK proudly introduces the most outstanding talents and innovations in the design fields in Vietnam. From 2019 to 2023, we have witnessed exceptional creativity from prominent designers in the Interior Design/Architecture sectors.

Since 2014, we continue to welcome design talents from various creative fields to contribute to the development of the Design Community in Vietnam.

Let's explore the journey of the VMARK Awards throughout the years

In its inaugural year, the Vietnam VMARK Design Awards was established as a platform to honor creativity and talent in the design industry. Many impressive and groundbreaking works and projects have already been showcased, marking the beginning of a journey to celebrate diversity in design.

Wooden Frame Window
Abstract Lights

VMARK continues to celebrate outstanding initiatives and designs, elevating the standard of modern lifestyle. The winning projects showcase the ability to create unique and innovative works, simultaneously propelling the fields of Interior Design and Architecture to new heights.

In 2022, innovation never ceases, with a focus on elevating the quality of sustainable living through design. With this theme, VMARK Award projects continue to set new and higher standards, aiming for designs that can better serve society and humanity as a whole.

Stylist Table and Plants
Holiday Destination

In 2023, the VMARK Awards have experienced exceptional and diverse growth with the participation of entities showcasing international projects beyond the borders of Vietnam. Particularly, it has expanded into new fields, ranging from product design to transportation design


"Design Thinking .

Design Tomorrow"

Design thinking possesses the ability to generate innovative solutions and foster creative problem-solving across various sectors. It will shape the future development of the design industry - The Future of Design!

You are next Winner? join NOW

White Wooden Chairs

The VMARK Award-winning projects each year have demonstrated limitless talent and innovation. They have served as a wellspring of inspiration for the design community, shaping the future development of the industry.

Join us in exploring their outstanding works and experiencing the power of creativity in design, contributing to a beautiful and globally sustainable society.


Call for entry 2024

"VMARK Vietnam Design Award is to celebrate and promote outstanding design achievements across diverse industries and disciplines."

VMARK Award Submission





Early Bird    

30 May 2024


01 Jun 2024 | 30 June 2024​

Deadline for Submission

30 June  2024

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