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Design & Strategy Manager



Short Biography: 

With over 12 years of experience in Automotive and Industrial Design, acquired valuable expertise through academic studies and practical experiences across a range of international locations including Iran, Malaysia, Turkey, Austria, Italy, and Germany.

Deep background proficiency in the complete design and manufacturing journey, covering interior and exterior design of the vehicles, CMF & HMI design & prototyping across electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, commercial vehicles, buses, trucks, trams, trains, drones, and various other products and gadgets.

Deep expertise in teamwork, team leading, building strategical partnerships, university collaborations, building & launching design award, teaching, mentoring, judging in multiple design awards & contests, event management, public speaking & presenting.

Short paragraph expressing my thoughts on the VMARK Vietnam Design Award:

The VMARK Vietnam Design Award stands out as a significant platform recognizing exceptional design talent in Vietnam. It not only highlights innovative and creative projects but also fosters growth within the design community. Recently, there has been notable improvement in the fields of automotive and product design in Vietnam. Events like VMARK are crucial for expanding the overall understanding of design topics and demonstrating that design excellence is not confined to a specific region or country. Talent is global, and such events ensure that no single region is seen as the sole pioneer in design, showcasing that creativity thrives worldwide.



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