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Managing Director

aleatek design studio


As a licensed Italian architect and the founder of ALEATEK GROUP, Danilo Trevisan brings a wealth of expertise and passion to his role. Since 2013, he has been at the helm of the firm, overseeing the firm's operations, making strategic decisions, and facilitating projects across Asia. With a diverse skill set that encompasses architecture, urban planning, strategic planning, and project administration, Danilo has honed his knowledge of the construction industry in China and Asia since 2006. His extensive portfolio encompasses a range of project types, including hospitality, large scale complexes, and public buildings.In addition to his architectural pursuits, Danilo's passion for design has led him to explore the various facets of production and supply chain. He has refined his skills in the realm of soft decoration and product design, having worked on everything from furniture to home appliances in both Italy and China.As a member of the Italian Institute of Registered Architects, Danilo is committed to promoting the advancement of design culture and architectural research, which relies on his professional technical background and awareness of the global market.

Danilo is also a founder member of the Italian Designer Association (IDA). IDA is a body dedicated to the promotion of Italian designers and design culture in China and Asia.



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