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Product Designer

Vice President | Taiwan Design Research Institute (TDRI)


Oliver Lin – He is the vice president of Taiwan Design Research Institute and the vice-chairman of Taiwan Design Alliance, also serves as a consultant or committee member of governmental projects. He is dedicated to globalizing Taiwan design for over two decades. He is the advocator and promoter of Design Cities and was in charge of the planning and executing of the 2011 IDA Congress Taipei and World Design Capital 2016 Taipei and 7 WDC programs.

Recently he serves as the key role in TDRI’s strategic research and planning of national design policies, supporting corporates’ design-empowerment and innovation, and also fostering the establishment and international promotion of the national design brand - “DIT” (Design in Taiwan), in order to build up Taiwan’s design ecosystem. He devotes himself to developing Taiwan Design’s international impact and the power of discourse. The vision is to make a better change in Taiwan through design capabilities and to facilitate Taiwan design’s global reputation.



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