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Founding Dean

School of Creativity, Rishihood University |
Fostering Creativity for Societal Impact


Dr. Manika Walia is a distinguished academician, visionary leader, and the Founding Dean of the School of Creativity at Rishihood University in Delhi NCR. With a rich background in design and a passion for the transformative power of creativity, she has dedicated her career to mentoring young minds in the pursuit of constructive, sustainable, and meaningful design solutions across diverse domains.

As an Academic Administrator and Professor of Design, Dr. Walia goes beyond emphasizing the importance of subject matter expertise. She instills in her students the ability to explore beyond surface-level information, fostering critical analysis, teamwork, and the development of analytical skills. Her overarching goal is to shape not just skilled professionals but also well-rounded, successful individuals.

Dr. Walia's extensive industry engagement and commitment to design education have led her to pioneer new initiatives in the field. Her pursuit of an Advanced program in Design and Sustainability from the London College of Fashion and Kering, UK, and a Doctorate in Social Innovation through Design reflects her dedication to advancing design academics, research, and creating a lasting social impact.

Early in her career, she contributed as a freelance designer to prestigious design studios in India, Hong Kong, and the U.S., working on projects for institutions such as Jaipur City Palace and the Ministry of Handicrafts and Textiles.

Her passion for social and system design and reform is evident in her selection as a Mentor for Change with Atal Innovation Mission, Niti Aayog, Government of India. She perceives design not merely as a creative endeavour but as a potent tool capable of reshaping and influencing public administration. In her visionary approach, design becomes a strategic instrument for societal change, wherein its principles can be harnessed to recreate governance structures and leadership paradigms.

Dr. Walia has been a driving force behind numerous independent design projects focusing on sustainability, system design and creative leadership. Her contributions to various government and corporate agencies have been recognized internationally, notably earning her honors from Micol Fontana Couture in Florence, Italy, and acknowledgment for her work in Design Thinking in Vietnam.

As a distinguished member of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Dr. Walia collaborates closely with stakeholders to strategize and implement design initiatives at a national level. Her influence extends beyond academia, as evidenced by her selection for the "Outstanding Academic Leader of the Year Award" at the International Business and Academic Excellence Awards (IBAE- 2019). Additionally, the School of Creativity, under her leadership, received the "Best Academia and Industry Collaborator (Editor's Choice) Award" at the Global Education Awards 2018. This attests to her pioneering efforts in not just shaping creative professionals but in transforming the role of design within the broader context of governance.

In her role as the Founding Dean of the School of Creativity, Dr. Walia imparts a forward-looking vision to students, encouraging them to view design as a catalyst for societal progress. Her conviction that creativity and digital proficiency are the cornerstones of future success underscores her belief that design, when wielded strategically, can be a driving force behind positive societal change. Dr. Walia's leadership exemplifies a commitment to challenging conventional wisdom and pushing boundaries, reinforcing her position as a thought leader in both the academic and industrial realms.

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