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Founding Editor-in-Chief

Design Anthology


Suzy Annetta, Founding Editor in Chief of Design Anthology is a design editor and curator and a recognised authority on design in Asia. Suzy has judged numerous design awards regionally, has advised on selection panels, serves as on the advisory committee for Design Trust, hosted numerous interviews and panel discussions at events, live television and podcasts, and has edited numerous books on design.

With a background in interior design, and 18 years living in Asia, Annetta recognised the need to tell stories about design across the region. Design Anthology was first launched in early 2014 to a strong following that continues to grow internationally. Design Anthology is published independently and is the only design magazine available across the Asia region to focus on a curated selection of high-end projects in the region or by Asian designers internationally. A European edition of the magazine launched in 2018, followed by an Australian edition in late 2019. Design Anthology published their first long format book in collaboration with Thames & Hudson in early 2020.



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