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"Kem Nghia - Make life always meaningful"

Unlike other projects, with Kem Nghia we have a long time to research, edit and change the design of each space to achieve the benefits that the business wants to bring to the audience. labor.


In the middle of an industrial park - Kem Nghia is present as a green oasis, bringing freshness and environmental friendliness. The natural element is the subject language that turns into a coherent flow for the overall work.


Our spirit shared by the business is: "Never stop learning new things. Constantly changing to keep up with the constant transformation of the world."



Located on a site of great natural beauty a seafood restaurant and craft beer bar form the brief. We wanted sea views from the resort behind to be retained, this dictated a low, sleek building. The inspiration for the design came from the idea of a breaking wave. The roof is utilized as a public terrace, a stepped ramp invites visitors to climb up and explore. Its water feature aids the natural cooling of the spaces below whilst also creating a dynamic viewpoint. The bar forms a strong connection with the square by opening up and spilling out into it. This is achieved by the use of large vertically folding windows. The plaza floor finish also continues into the bar. Polycarbonate cladding echoes the plaza sculptures, it’s warm red glow acts as an attractor. The linear bar will be made from a modified dragon boat, whilst the ceiling wraps and folds downwards, forming a waveform. The restaurant contrasts by connecting more with the beach and sea, employing more natural finishes. Roof lights in the water feature above reinforce the sense of being below a cascading wave, a wall of fish tanks enable guests to view through into the kitchen.



"Oceanholic Hotel" hotel project is aimed at people who have a great love for the beauty of romantic beaches and vast oceans. Design towards the hotel of the future with new technologies. The main interior design concept is based on the 5 main ocean layers of the ocean with different habitat characteristics and changes in species, as well as the variation in the blue hue of seawater to design hotel spaces. Each space will have corresponding typical features of the ocean layers. Furniture and decors are inspired by the sea, and marine species to link with the design concept of the space. The main color used is "Classic Blue". This is also the color that has been voted by experts as "Color of the year" of 2020. This persistent blue evokes calmness, confidence and connection. It represents a desire for a reliable and stable foundation to build and thrive upon as we cross the threshold into a new era. Classic blue of 2020 also expresses the desire for a decade of peace as the divisions and disruptions around the world intensify. This color evokes hinged moments, a handover of traditional and futuristic, a fusion of old and new. Those are also the messages that I want to convey in my design.



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